We want to change the world…

„Never change a winning team“ - is a statement that we all know. And surely there is something very true with this. But isn´t our ambition to aim for continuous improvements what brings us to best possible performance? And because of this - isn´t it so much important to always try to turn what is good into better?

Times are changing – and so do demands on us. münch Travel Management Consulting wants to help its customers in turning good into better and with this to once more secure long term success.

We would like to invite you to use our longtime experience and knowhow in the 3 core areas of Business Travel Management:

Travel Management Consulting

How effective is your Travel Management? Do you have the best possible strategy in place? Are you having the right partners on-board? We will help you to find the right answer to this and other questions...

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Recruitment services / Executive Search

You want to have on-board the best available talents in the travel market? You want to strengthen key positions and core areas of your company? You want to give your Travel Management into trustful hands? Personally you would like to aim for a new challenge in your business life? We will find the right solution for you.
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Training & Coaching

You want to improve the performance and abilities of your employees? You want to strengthen motivation and loyalty? “Lateral thinking” and “creative action” shall be trained? We have the right ideas and solutions for you...
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Together with you we want to be successful... and we want to change the world.

Oliver Münch

Why münch Travel Management Consulting?

We stand for reliability and competence.

With high personal dedication and result driven action we support you in creating your Travel Management more effectively. We listen to you – before we make suggestions. Your strategic targets and needs are in our focus always and are the basis for any possible solutions.

Experience is what makes the difference

Take advantage of our knowhow. Savings in the area of direct and indirect travel costs can be significant and depend from existing structures and processes in your travel program. A deep analysis gives clarity here and is the basis for useful or necessary changes.

Employees create company success

We understand what needs to be considered when senior positions have to be staffed. It is not always about operational skills only.  „Knowledge“ isn’t enough.  „Execution“ and “Ability” are also of importance. Our access to qualified candidates in the Business Travel sector is substantial and firm. You need staff – we find them for you.


We adapt ourselves to your individual requirements. Travel Management usually is quite complex and so are the methods of resolution. Our compensation is depending on the level of activities and the scope of any individual mandate or project and will be commonly defined on a case to case basis. Gladly we would make you an offer.

Our motivation

Business Travel Management is our professional “home” since many years.  We know what is challenging Travel Management Companies and responsible Travel Managers in their daily work. We stand for professionalism and pragmatism. Our main objective is to find prompt and workable solutions for you. We are accessible for you at any time and we handle all tasks with maximum care. With our services we would like to create the basis for a long-term cooperation with you and our common success.